Why You Should Choose Casa Vegan Plant-Based Alternative Protein

Why You Should Choose Casa Vegan Plant-Based Alternative Protein

It is apparent that for our health and the environment, we need to rethink what we eat and how we produce our food, and Casa Vegan isn't taking that for granted. Casa Vegan are located in Lagos Nigeria, West Africa, they create 100% natural, delicious, and nutritional plant-based alternative protein.

Casa Vegan is healing the planet with every meal, as they allow their consumers to enjoy the taste of meat at a fraction of the environmental cost. Their plant-based alternative protein are created using in a cruelty-free environment ensuring public safety and sustainability.

Their products are made using carefully identified locally grown, sourced, and up-cycled ingredients like wheat, jackfruit, cassava, grains, tomatoes, potato starch, and other natural ingredients. The creation of these plant-based alternative protein helps in reducing Green House Gas emissions, and are cholesterol free, with more protein and fibre content versus that of regular meat.

You are missing a lot if you are yet to try out their plant-based alternative protein options; their mouth-watering burger patty, chunks, and mince/crumble are to die for. Now, you might be asking yourself why you should choose any of Casa Vegan’s products. Well, here are seven valid reasons:

1. To Lose Weight   

80% of the fitness journey happens in the kitchen. Weight loss can only be beneficial if it is paired with the right food. Casa Vegan's plant-based alternative protein is rich in protein and fibre, two crucial requirements when trying to lose weight.   

2. To Lower Blood Sugar 

High cholesterol levels leads to high blood sugar, and this can result in organ failure and a lifetime of medication. The best way to control it is by switching to a plant-based lifestyle completely. Replacing your animal meat with Casa Vegan’s plant-based alternative protein is your best option because it is high in fibre, which will in turn help in slowing down sugar absorption in your bloodstream.

3. Do you want to Lower your Cholesterol Levels?

Food items with high saturated fat contain high levels of cholesterol; some examples of these foods include full-fat dairy, animal fats, lard, and processed meat. These foods are extremely dangerous to one’s health. Casa Vegan plant-based alternative protein is healthier than regular meat as it doesn't contain any cholesterol, and it is lower in calories and has low unsaturated fat (fat that is good for you and can be digested by the body without clogging your arteries).

4. To help Improve Sleep 

A shocking 24% of adults experience insomnia, with 51% admitting they are sleep-deprived. There are several health risks linked with insomnia and sleep deprivation like diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, and heart disease. A lack of sleep stresses your organs as your body tries to compensate by overworking itself to stay productive. Like exercise, dealing with insomnia starts from within, and choosing to eat a plant-based diet incorporating Casa Vegan’s plant-based alternative protein is one of the best ways to keep your organs healthy and happy.

5. It Enhances Your Productivity

If you frequently complain about fatigue during odd hours of the day, then it may be caused by a lack of essential nutrients. Casa Vegan’s plant-based alternative protein contains the essential nutrients (like carbohydrates; “complex” ones from fruits, vegetables, and whole grains) that give your body that daily boost. As long as you feed your body a plant-based diet, you will reap the benefits of higher levels of energy, concentration and better performance.

6. It Helps Your Health and Helps You Live a Guilt-Free Life

Knowing that no animal was killed or hurt to enjoy your meal is very relieving. People who follow a plant-based lifestyle are animal lovers and are more compassionate towards animals. The beef we buy in the market is not always grass-fed, can be filled with harmful chemicals (used to boost immunity to diseases), and we generally have no idea on how they were reared or treated during their existence. Casa Vegan Plant-based alternative protein helps keep healthy and your conscience clear, as it contains no animal product.

7. Its Good for the Environment and Leads to a Healthier and More Sustainable Lifestyle

Casa Vegan provides several plant-based alternative protein to satisfy your cravings and culinary requirements. 

The idea that you are part of a joint effort that pushes for a sustainable living may seem perfect, but the best way to do that within our planet is to start with our choices. Knowing you are doing what is best for the planet is an excellent way to enhance your overall health and boost self-esteem, which is very important for mental health. Shifting to plant-based foods and to alternative protein helps to maintain natural resources (Land used for Farms, water used for production) and provides us with more space to pursue more important projects.   

Now you know why you should choose Casa Vegan’s plant-based alternative protein, as it is not only good for your overall health, but also good for the environment, animals, and the planet.

Credit: Daniella Obuwan Oshiame - Vegan, Health & Nutrition Writer

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