Nigerian Plant-Based Street Food

Nigerian Plant-Based Street Food

Nigeria is home to many delicious street foods. Surprisingly, most of these street foods are plant-based. These street foods will get you parking your fancy cars or jumping off that public bus to get your taste buds experiencing pleasant flavors.

You can also enjoy these street foods from the comfort of your home or buy them from your favorite roadside vendors. Here are five Nigerian plant-based street foods you should try out.

1. Akara

Akara also known as beans cake, is one of the most famous plant-based street food that is worthy of mention in Nigeria. It is a popular deep-fried snack eaten in almost every part of the country.

Whether you travel to the north, south, east, or west, there is always a woman frying Akara at the junction or by a very strategic corner of the street. This delicious plant-based snack is best served hot with Pap or “Koko”(local name), some people have theirs with custard, oat, or with bread.

What is Akara made of?

Akara is made from beans mainly cowpea popularly known as black-eye beans. Pepper, onions, and other seasonings are also added when making this plant-based street food.

2. Boiled/Roasted Corn

Although corn is a seasonal plant-based street food, it is one of the most versatile Nigerian staples. Apart from other meals that could be made from it, corn could also be eaten straight from the cob. It can either be boiled or roasted. The beautiful thing about this plant-based street food is that when it’s in season, there is no part of Nigeria where you can't find it to buy.

Even though it is popular, roasted corn is not everyone's favorite. Hence, there is always a boiled corn option. Roasted corn can be enjoyed alone. Though it is mostly sold along with coconut as well as African pear or “Ube” as it is popularly called.

3. Roasted Plantain (Bole)

Roasted plantain is one of the plant-based street food that gained popularity in the southwest part of Nigeria and now everyone wants a bite of roasted plantain with sauce. In other cases, it is sold along with groundnut. Based on preference, both ripe and unripe plantain can be roasted as Bole.

4. Puff Puff

This list will not be complete without the king of Nigerian plant-based street food, Puff puff. It is a go-to snack anytime, any day. This plant-based street food is becoming popular around the world, and it has become everyone's favorite to the extent it is being served as small chops at Nigerian weddings and events.

Simple street food made with just flour, nutmeg, sugar, and yeast is one of the best plant-based street food in Nigeria. There is no area or street where you would not find a woman frying or selling puff puff.

5. Fried Yams and Potatoes

This is another delicious plant-based street food you shouldn't be missing out on if you live in Nigeria. In almost every few streets or junctions, there is always a stand to get yourself fried yams and potatoes. They are usually sold with fried tomato sauce or as some people call it pepper sauce, which would have you licking your fingers.

The most fascinating thing about these plant-based street foods is how affordable they are. You don’t need to break the bank to have a treat! If you haven't had any of these plant-based street foods before, then you should try them out, as they are not only delicious but bursting with Nigerian flavors.

Credit: Daniella Obuwan Oshiame - Vegan, Health & Nutrition Writer

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